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3rd Floor, 1 James Robertson Street
Surulere 101283
Lagos, Nigeria


Ginja Books is the publising division of Ginja Media Ltd. Ginja Media Ltd is a full service media and communication business with a focus on publishing, printing, branding and logistics. Our production office is at Surulere, Lagos with liaison offices at Abuja and Maiduguri.

Ginja Media Ltd was founded June 5, 2013 by Jossey Ogbuanoh, a veteran journalist, editor and development communications expert with international reputation. Mr Ogbuanoh has designed and produced world class manuals, posters, books, IEC materials and reports for organisations and projects such as the USAID Nigeria Northern Education Initiative (NEI) and Nigeria Education Crisis Response (NECR), Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communications Programs (JHU-CCP), Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), Nigeria Business Coalition Against AIDS (NIBUCAA), New Initiative for the Enhancement of Life and Health (NELAH) as well as Resourcery plc.

Ginja Media Ltd uses the latest digital technology to meet traditional book publishing and printing needs at a faster turnaround! We offer a broad range of services from editing, to publishing, printing, corporate branding as well as logistics and distribution. Our vast experience delivering educational materials and equipment to governments and institutions across northern Nigerian stand us out in the logistics arena. We exceed your corporate targets and requirements.

Non-formal Education Texts from Ginja Books

Based on the latest, revised national curriculum to prepare learners in as little as 6 months